Learn How to Keep Your Garden Green
We offer workshops where you learn how to garden by actually gardening! Our specialty includes microgreens, hydroponics, and general planting.  We are also available for Speaking Engagements and Plant Discussions for workshops, youth programs, local nurseries, environmental groups  and more, See the topics we offer below. Price Varies and sometimes we’re free!  

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Garden and Microgreens Workshops

What to expect in our workshops:

  • Planting with provided plants
  • Fertilizing with minerals and compost
  • Hands on demonstrations to show you how to plant plants correctly
  • How to grow microgreens from a-z
    • This includes seeds, soil, and planting tray
    • Full instructions for great success.
Speaking Engagement
Speaking Engagements
We are also available for Speaking Engagements and
Plant Discussions for environmental groups, youth programs,
local nurseries and more, just give us a call.
Topics Include: 
  • Regenerative Gardening
  • Whole Systems Design
  • Garden Installation
  • The Food Forest Garden
  • Garden care
  • Permaculture Ethics & Principles
  • How to fertilize
  • Composting & Vermicomposting 
  • Creating & Caring for Regenerative Community Gardens
  • Tropical Tree Care
  • Moon Cycle Gardening
  • Sustainable Soil Building
  • Seasonal Garden rituals
  • Flower Essences for & from the Garden
  • Integrated “Pest” Management & Holistic Garden Care
  • Tropical Urban Homesteading: rainwater catchment, wild fermentation, herbs into tea, medicine making, seed saving, simple plant propagation.

Contact us

  • Ceo:
    Linko Bunt
  • Phone:
    012 345 678 9101
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