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Unleash your inner gardener and cultivate abundance right from your home. After a thorough site assessment we will design the perfect garden space that works for you.

“It’s Simple and Easy”
  1. Site Assessment
  2. Design & Install Food in Your Space.
  3. Maintenance & On-going Support

Get Started with a Site Assessment

We offer site assessments for both personal and business communities. Here’s where we come to find out what your dreams, goals, and aspirations are about your space. During your site assessment, you will gain a deeper understanding about yard or space and together we will come up how to make that a reality for you.

This is what you can expect:

Design & Install Food in Your Space

Design & Install Garden Beds or Edible Landscaping Plants (Prices Varies)
Have you ever heard of edible landscaping? it’s just like “regular ” landscaping except the plants are edible. Think of having hedges and bushes that are teas and berries.

Or maybe you want garden beds for easy harvesting. From seed to fruit you will have an organic garden that serves your every need: from your favorite herb, to plants that help with arthritis, to plants that are good for your hair, Either way, you can enjoy your own garden oasis and taste the freshness right from your home. Contact us and lets discuss your vision

NOTE: On-going maintenance is not included in coaching or consulting. Please ask for details if interested.


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