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Our story starts in 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida with a love for gardening.

We met at Lake Ella farmers market in 2005. Jayme sold homemade chocolate habanero infused pepper and basil olive oil- both he grew organically. Sadiqa, a regular Wednesday shopper, distributed flyers for her vegan cooking classes at Florida State University. Their shared interests in farming, gardening, and healthy living sparked a conversation. Now married for 17 years with four children, they live in South Florida, continuing their passion for farming and healthy lifestyles.
Amidst the pandemic, they recognized the importance of accessible food and medicinal plants. Committed to their mission, they embarked on the journey of wellness gardening instead of traditional farming. Guided by ecosystem health, they prioritize organic and natural practices for clients’ gardens, including planting, pest control, water management, and more.
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Sadiqa Williams-Glusman

Sadiqa Williams-Glusman is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Permaculure Gardener and self proclaimed Wellness Entrepreneur. Since 2002, her  passion & mission in life has been to enlighten and inspire others to focus on their holistic health- which emphasizes the importance of our many selves: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, “fun-self”. 

As a Wellness Entrepreneur, she has spent the last 22 years gardening and teaching healthy living in many forms: 15 years of cooking classes, 5 years of children and adult garden tours, 15 years health coaching (3 years “certified”), she’s taught 6-week children wellness program in schools, and after completing her Permaculture Design Course, she began Garden Coaching, Consultations, and Installation with her husband at Seven Hills Garden and Soil. 

Along with her garden business,  she also offers home garden tours for children and adults as the “ Inna City Hippie” entitled: Sacred Sustenance with Sadiqa. During the tours she explains the amazing connection between people and nature- not just with food, but with mental, sensual, and spiritual wellness as well.  

The element of wonderment has kept Sadiqa dedicated to the health of people and planet for the last 20 years and she’s committed to continue sharing her passion with the world for the rest of her life. 

Jayme Glusman

Jayme Glusman has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education  and has been practicing organic farming for close to 30 years. His expertise is in growing food and plant medicine: indoors, outdoors, and hydroponically.

Jayme has farmed in both North and South Florida-  which are pretty different climates when it comes to growing plants. He also knows how to identify the diversity of insects and humanly address them, microbes, and other pests that you will absolutely meet down here in our beautiful ever humid, moldy, fungus filled swamp called The Sunshine State

In 2017 he started a company called “Indoor Meadows” where he consults and teaches others how to specialize in growing microgreens in different mediums; including hydroponically. Be sure to check out his IG: @indoormeadows 

In addition to being highly devoted to his family and farming, there are two more loves of his life: he plays the bass and keyboard as a professional musician in a reggae band called “The Resolvers” and he loves to spend time under the sea as an avid scuba diver and surfer.

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